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Welcome to the home of Renewable and Energy Saving Solutions in the City of Karratha.

OUR Comprehensive SERVICE

Does saving up to 70% off your energy bill sound like a bright idea? We've bundled our individual products into Gone Green Packages to deliver you with the most time effective, economical and comprehensive energy saving solution in Karratha. 

Do you want to pick and choose? We quote on individual products  and services and can create a package customised to your needs.

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Cheeditha Energy's range of renewable energy and energy saving products work together to deliver a smart solution to your home or business - all backed by our Green Finance options.



Cheeditha Energy are the experts in delivering packages combining Renewable Energy and Energy Saving Technology to maximise consumer savings on energy bills and minimise their
carbon footprint.

We are a local, Aboriginal owned Pilbara business with an aim to
conserve the environment. 

Founded in 2018 we have dedicated ourselves to innovation by continually trialling and testing the latest in Green-tech products and provide our clients with the best solutions available to the market.


We believe that these solutions should be available to everyone. We aim to develop affordable technologies that provide entire communities with sustainable lifestyle solutions. 

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We aim to help the City of Karratha save 1,000,000 kilos of carbon emissions by June 30, 2020 - Contact Us for your free energy consultation and find out how you can "Go Green" today!