Cheeditha Energy is a joint venture between the Cheeditha Group Aboriginal Corporation (via Ghundara Pty Ltd and Jinbi Pty Ltd) and National HC Pty Ltd. We are proud to be a 50% Aboriginal Owned business and to be delivering products and services that preserve the environment for our traditional land owners and their community.
Located 5km from Roebourne, Cheeditha Aboriginal Community is home to over 60 Aboriginal people from several language groups including Yindjibarndi, Kariyarra, Ngarluma and Eastern Guruma.
This community is focused on revitalising the significance of Aboriginal culture in the Pilbara region, whilst developing a sustainable community for years to come.
Through a community driven initiative, Cheeditha is drug and alcohol free and it is the mission of the community members to continue to provide a safe and healthy environment for Aboriginal youth.
The community leaders continue to develop commercial prospects to create a sustainable income stream and employment opportunities for community members and Aboriginal people.
Many of the women and men of the community are successful artists. If you would like to learn more please visit Cheeditha Art Group's Website. 

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Cheeditha Energy aims to have a positive impact on our community in all aspects of our operations, including the Cheeditha Community, Our Team, Our Clients and Local Business.