natural regfrigerant

the smart cooling choice 

What is the one appliance that you absolutely cannot live without (especially in Summer)? 


Due to rising electricity bills, there are many people in the Pilbara who are limiting their air-conditioning use beyond what is comfortable. And many more people paying huge amounts just keep their families or employees cool.


If you are feeling the heat physically or financially, we have some great news ...

Switching to natural refrigerants in your split system or ducted air-conditioning means that both cooling and heating is produced with less energy, resulting in significantly lower operating costs (20-50% less)!


Natural refrigerants are composed of hydrocarbons, made from naturally occurring compounds, and they are not only environmentally benign, but also significantly more efficient than chemical refrigerants.

Installation is the quickest and most economical way to significantly reduce your energy bills right now. Costs can even be paid via Green Financing, so it's time to make the switch!