Ray of Light
We believe making the change to renewable energy and energy saving products will improve our clients overall comfort and quality of life, while decreasing their carbon footprint to preserve our environment. 


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We aim to increase the number of households and businesses in the City of Karratha that use sustainable and energy efficient solutions by offering:



​One-stop service

From Solar Panels to LED Lighting, you will receive all services through the one provider, saving time, money and effort and making the "going green" experience as easy as possible.

Products & Services to Save You Money!

We deliver our products and services at the best possible rate so that everyone can improve their comfort and quality of life.


Combined with our Green Financing assistance, many of our customers will find that they end up with more money in their pocket at the end of each month!

OUR Vision

To create a City of Karratha that has significantly decreased their carbon footprint by the uptake of Renewable Energy and Energy Saving Solutions to become one of the most eco-friendly communities in Australia.


We plan to achieve this vision by providing services to:


By achieving the required accreditation to partner with the major Industry sectors in the region and deliver products and services to improve their energy usage.

Small Business

By providing a service to small business that delivers an increase in their asset value and a decrease in energy spend, so that they can reinvest their funds into other channels such as staff resources. 


By increasing the comfort of home owners with solutions that will allow them to use products such as air-conditioning whenever needed, without the threat of exorbitant power bills. We will provide money-saving solutions through our Green Finance packages that leave homeowners with more money at the end of each month.