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A Cooler Workplace For Happier & More Productive Staff

A significant issue faced by the mining and trade industries in the Pilbara is finding solutions to keep workers safe, cool and productive while they are working in spaces without interior fans/airconditioning.

With temperatures frequently reaching 40°C+ during the summer months, the shade and protection from the elements provided by sheds and workshops can fall short of creating an optimum working environment, and managers need to be diligent when enforcing occupational health and safety policies for heat strain and dehydration management.

A recent study has found that worker productivity drops with increasing temperatures, showing that the productivity for garment and cloth workers in India (another normally hot climate) dropped by up to 4% for every degree the temperature rose above 27°C.

Workers were also more likely to be absent from work during periods of higher than average temperatures.

If you have found that your productivity rates drop during hotter months, there is less employee morale, and lower attendance rates, it may be time to look at a solution to improve your working environment.

An inexpensive and expedient solution to reduce heat in these spaces is to apply a UV thermal insulation coating such as Thermoshield to exterior surfaces, particularly roofing, which can reduce interior temperatures by up to 45% and UV penetration by up to 96%. Thermoshield also helps to protect and increase the lifespan of exteriors, as well as providing an aesthetic upgrade.

If it’s time for you to invest in a better workplace for safer, happier and more productive employees, contact Cheeditha Energy for a quote today!

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