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The Top 5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Go Green

Being a financially savvy business owner is hard! Not only do you have to juggle a range of ongoing costs including staffing, inventory, equipment, and property costs, you also have to consider the tax implications of any purchases/investments you make back into your business.

Recent developments to small business tax rules (particularly the increase and extension of the Instant Asset Write Off), have made now the perfect time to invest back into your business’s assets – but the question is, which assets will deliver a long-term positive impact to your operations and finances?

The good news is that you can achieve both of these goals simply by installing renewable energy and energy saving products at your business’s location/s. Cheeditha Energy offers custom Business Gone Green Packages and financing with benefits including:

1. Lower Energy Bills – By reducing this ongoing cost, you can invest the money saved back into your business, whether that be on more staff, advertising, increased product range or anything that requires an ongoing investment to take your business to the next level!

2. Increasing Your Business Assets – if you own your store, office or warehouse, installing green products will increase the total value of your property. If you are leasing, many of our products can be relocated if you need to move.

3. Be Known as a Business That Cares About the Environment – the community cares about our environmental impact, so show that you care too! This could make the difference between a customer choosing your business, over a competitor that hasn’t got the same green credentials.

4. Make Yourself, Your Employees and Your Customers More Comfortable – our range of renewable energy and energy saving solutions can make a significant difference to the internal temperatures of your premises. We can increase efficiency of your current cooling systems, and reduce your internal temperatures via technologies such as Thermal Exterior Coatings. Increase the morale and wellbeing of everyone at your workplace - customers included!

5. Find a Complete Package in One Place, Installed Quickly – we know that time is money, and work with you to ensure minimal impact on your operations and fast install. Don’t deal with multiple contractors and varying timelines, at Cheeditha Energy you have one point of contact making all of the arrangements for a quick and easy installation experience.

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