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Welcome to Cheeditha Energy

One of the main challenges of living in the Pilbara is finding ways to make your cost of living more affordable. Factors such as transport costs, lack of competition between businesses and service providers, and an extreme climate, all combine to make the Pilbara one of the most expensive areas in Australia to live, particularly if your costs are not supplemented by your employer, or if you are a business owner in the region.

If you are feeling the pinch, there are smart ways to decrease your outgoing costs, particularly in what most people find is their biggest expense… energy bills.

That’s where we can help. Cheeditha Energy delivers full energy solutions to the homes and businesses of Karratha that are not only eco-friendly, but very friendly to your pocket. We provide a personalised service to customers in the City of Karratha, combining both renewable energy sources and energy saving products in one complete package. You don’t need to deal with multiple contractors, quotes and timeframes – when you contact Cheeditha Energy we plan and quote all installations in one project, with one point of contact taking care of all of your needs.

We combine cutting edge products with excellent service and Green Financing to ensure you maximise your savings fast.

Our dedicated team are here to help, simply book a consultation to find out how!

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